UEFA Set to Introduce Major Change in the Champions League Format

UEFA Set to Introduce Major Change in the Champions League Format
UEFA Set to Introduce Major Change in the Champions League Format

The body governing football in Europe, UEFA, is considering a change in the format of the most lucrative world competition in the world.

The news was confirmed on Times Sport’s official website, stating that the organisers are keen on making the change from the 2024/25 football season. According to reports from the news agency, the change will happen from the semi-final stage of the competition, the major European clubs are already backing the idea.

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The changes will see the traditional two-legged semi-final games cancelled into a one-leg match at a neutral venue, the final of the competition will also be played in the same week as the semis. If the proposal is accepted, this will be the first time that the semi-finals will be played in one leg since 1995.

However, this will be the second major change the organisers are bringing to the competition, the earlier change which was implemented was the cancellation of the away goal rule which started this season (2021/22).

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The Champions League will use the so-called “Swiss-model” from the 2024-25 season. This will involve every team playing in a single league at the group stage, with a guarantee of at least 10 games. There will also be 36 teams in the Champions League-proper, four more than the current 32

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2 thoughts on “UEFA Set to Introduce Major Change in the Champions League Format


    ° Nice arrangements and idea from the UEFA board
    At least nobody will be intimidated by the opposition fans no more.

    °The 10 games in each group will also be nice, makin’ the competition more competitive and attractin’.. so this means they will need to accommodate top 5 – 6 teams in each European league for CL spot ever season. It’s very nice, at least it gives opportunities to not just the bigger boys but other smaller team to have a taste of the champions league for the first time as they ever dreamt of, also this will see the UEL readjust their standard too you know!!

    ° Lastly, playin’ the UCL finals that same week to me is not really good because it’s gonno be a big game and big games need sublime anticipation, if they can push it to the next week it’s gonno be more preferable.
    Well they have their decisions to make but..
    These are just my thoughts.

    1. Great @Wisdom! all great! we buy your ideas too, although, they are yet to fully implement, we are keen to keep you updated following this report.

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